Video Conferencing Extras

Total Exam HD™

This ergonomically-designed exam camera plugs into your video conferencing unit and will stream live images to other clinicians, allowing them to help accurately assess a patient’s condition. Ideal for all telemedicine examinations including eye, skin and throat assessments, or any occasion where close-up, crystal clear imagery is required.

Touch Screen

Give your staff greater confidence to make video conferencing calls with this intuitive, one-touch screen. This Polycom Touch Control device enables people to quickly initiate calls, find colleagues and share content without having to use a complicated interface or seek technical help. Making things easy allows people to focus on their meeting and become more productive and efficient.

Ceiling Microphones

Polycom’s easy-to-mount Ceiling Microphone Array removes tabletop clutter and provides unrivalled 360° voice pickup from anywhere in the room. All electronics are hidden in the ceiling and the microphone’s adjustable drop height caters for rooms of all sizes. These Arrays eliminate echoes and other acoustic noise and feature a directional microphone beam which automatically points to the person who is speaking. They are compatible with both Polycom RealPresence Group series and Polycom HDX video systems. Four arrays are capable of covering a 1600 square foot room.

Polycom RealPresence Group 700

If you want to conduct video conferencing in a large boardroom, auditorium or multi-disciplinary health facility, then the 700 series is for you. This package caters for multiple inputs and display outputs and has plenty of processing power. The device can support up to three microphones, several cameras and multiple display screens. We can connect as many parties as you wish on our network, allowing you to communicate and collaborate effectively with a large audience.